Collection: Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

Wall-Mounted Soap Dispensers are an easy way to get liquid soap at your sink without cluttering your sink. They are available in both types, push button and automatic dispensers. While push button are more convenient than pump soap dispensers, automatic wall-mounted soap dispensers are entirely touchless. They are not only beautiful wall décor, but they also save space.

Not only are wall mounted soap dispensers convenient, but they are also economical. They often come with large capacity and are suitable for places where liquid soap is used in bulk such as public washrooms.

Wall Mounted vs. Stand Alone Pump Soap Dispensers

Convenience: Wall-mounted soap dispensers are more convenient to use since no pumping is not required, while stand alone pump soap dispensers require constant pumping until the liquid soap is released. They are also convenient because you don't have to reach out for them as they are typically fixed at a perfect height on the wall.

  1. Space Saving: Soap dispensers on the wall are great space savers. Stand alone pump soap dispensers take up counter space while wall-mounted don't.
  2. Portability: Stand-alone Soap dispensers are easily movable from one place to another while wall mounted soap dispensers are not.
  3. Ease of Use: Wall-mounted soap dispensers are easy to use since you don't have to pump them, while stand alone pump-dispensers are slightly difficult to use especially when your hands are wet.
  4. Versatility: Wall-mounted can be placed anywhere, for example, you can fix 3 in 1 wall mounted soap dispenser near the shower filled with shower gel, shampoo and conditioner. Can you have 3 bottles of soap dispensers at the shower?

Manual vs. Automatic Wall-mounted Soap dispensers

  • Convenience: Automatic aka touchless Wall-mounted Soap dispensers are hands down more convenient than manual dispensers. They don't require one to push any buttons. All you have to do is get your hands under the nozzle, and the soap will dispense automatically.
  • Efficiency: Automatic Wall-mounted Soap Dispensers are more efficient than manual dispensers. They take less effort and less time to dispense soap.
  • Hygiene: Touchless Wall-mounted Soap dispensers are more hygienic than manual soap dispensers. They get rid of the chance of transmitting germs from one person to another by way of touching the pump nozzle.
  • Style: Automatic Wall-mounted Soap Dispensers are more stylish than manual dispensers. They mix well with almost any type of wall décor and add to the beauty of the bathroom.
  • Price: Automatic wall mounted soap dispensers are more expensive than manual dispensers. One needs to be ready to spend a little extra cash on these dispensers due to their added convenience.
  • Environment Friendly: Manual Wall soap dispensers are more environment friendly. Since these dispensers are refillable, don't need any energy source to run , and doesn't contain any batteries. One can be assured that these dispensers are less harmful to the environment.