Collection: Sink Soap Dispensers

Not having an in-sink soap dispenser is an inconvenience. 

What is a Sink Soap Dispenser?

A soap dispenser pump fixed on the sink that typically matches the color of the faucet on the sink and used to dispense dish soap or hand soap when pressed. The pump either has a small 100-300ml container attached to it from under the sink or it is attached with a high capacity dish soap bottle with a pipe.

A soap Dispenser that Matches your Kitchen Tap

Having a soap dispenser that looks like its a part of your sink? You can choose a sink soap dispenser that matches the finish of your tap. Be it classic chrome, stainless steel, golden or matt black, we have pumps matching all types of modern tap finishes.

How to Fit a Sink Soap Dispenser

Don't worry if your sink doesn't have a hole for soap dispenser pump already, your handyman can drill a hole at either side of your sink. Make sure to have hole drilled on the right side if you are right-handed, and on the left if you are left-handed.

Advantages of an in-sink Soap Dispenser

  • It's modern, stylish and visually appealing
  • Easily pumps soap with one hand
  • Convenient way to dispense dish soap or hand soap.
  • Blend in with the sink and tap design and makes the sink look cleaner.
  • Soap spills are prevented since a certain amount of soap is dispensed.
  • Saves time on pumping dish soap or hand soap.
  • Environment Friendly - Green product that saves plastic waste.

How many soap dispensers should i have on my sink?

You should ideally have two soap dispensers on your sink, one for hand soap and another for dishwashing liquid.

How Does a Sink Soap Dispenser Work?

It works the same as any pump soap dispenser works, the pump is pressed to dispense the required amount of soap.

How to refill Your Sink Soap Dispenser?

Sink Soap dispenser can either have a container underneath the sink or the pump is attached to a bottle placed under the sink with a pipe. Unscrew the container from beneath the sink, by twisting anti-clockwise. Pour your favorite liquid soap into the container until it's ¾ full. Attach it back and you are ready to use it.