Collection: Foam Soap Dispensers

After the unmatched success of automatic liquid soap dispensers, foam soap dispensers are the latest trend in the market. It is suitable for any commercial environment and residential areas to wash hands. Forget about the traditional liquid soap dispensers, foam soap dispensers are the new generation of automatic liquid soap dispenser which has built-in advanced technology.

Foaming soap dispensers or foam soap dispensers are a type of automatic soap dispensers which dispense foam instead of liquid soap to wash hands. It is composed of a pump that mixes air to liquid soap, an opening (a nozzle) from which the foam soap is dispensed when the hand is placed under the sensor and a container for the liquid soap.


When the hands are placed under a sensor, a motor starts and moves a small amount of soap from the container into the pump. The pump creates pressure which forces the liquid soap through a small orifice at high velocity to create a fine foam. This foam is then dispensed from the nozzle.

In an automatic foam soap dispenser, the amount of foam dispensed can be adjusted to three levels.

Can Any liquid Soap be used in a Foam Soap Dispenser?

The short answer is yes. Most foam soap dispensers are designed to use any non-oil based liquids, which includes dishwashing liquids and hand soaps that are commonly used in sinks or at kitchen counters. watered down:

You can try to use liquid dishwashing soap or hand soap diluted with water (about 1 part of soap and 2 parts of water) in your foam soap dispenser.

Advantages of Foam Soap Dispenser over Traditional Liquid Soap Dispensers

  • The first advantage of foam soap dispensers is that its touchless / automatic that they create a better lather than traditional liquid soap dispensers. This is because the lathering mechanism in this type of soap dispenser creates air bubbles which give the impression that there is more soap than can be created by other types of automatic hand wash devices.
  • Secondly, foam soap dispensers can reduce the number of refills and the amount of soap used per wash because of the increased lather.
  • Thirdly, it seems that foam soap dispensers clean greasy and oily hands better than liquid soap dispensers.
  • Last but not least, foam soap dispensers are extremely economical. With proper management, you can save up to 20 to 30% on your liquid soap consumption. This can be helpful for large institutions to keep significant cost savings each year.


It is recommended that you regularly clean the pump to remove any liquid residue which has dried inside it. To do this, simply heat some white vinegar or alcohol solution in a container and place the nozzle of the pump into the liquid until it reaches 1/3 of its length (up to two minutes). Then dry with a towel before using it again.

Some soap dispensers use a brush to clean the nozzle, but it is recommended to use brush with soft hair to avoid damaging the nozzle.