Best 12 Automatic Soap Dispensers

What is an Automatic Soap Dispenser?

An automatic soap dispenser is a device which automatically dispenses soap and to wash hands. It normally has a built-in motion sensor that detects hand movements and then releases a preset amount of soap when ready.

A number of different devices are sold online for this purpose. These include simple stand-alone units, more advanced ones with more functions, or dispensers that are fitted into bathroom sinks. They are often known as "hand washing stations" or "touchless hand wash stations."


Automatic Soap Dispensers prevents germs from spreading by preventing people from leaving bacteria-laden residue on surfaces.

Are Automatic Soap Dispensers worth it?

Yes, automatic soap dispensers are worth it for many reasons.

1. They will make the task of washing your hands much more convenient.

2. they eliminate the need to touch a hand germ-laden handle when dispensing soap.

3. Automatic soap dispensers can save money because they use about 40% less liquid soap than manual soap.

4. You can also use it for shampoo, lotion of a liquid dishwasher.

5. Say goodbye to those annoying soap spills!

6. They normally has modern designs which look contemporary in any bathroom or kitchen.

The biggest downside is a potential increase in messes from children who keep putting their hands under the sensor of dispenser over and over again.

Another disadvantage involve malfunctioning after just a year or two of use. Hate to call this a disadvantage, an year or 2 are enough for a soap dispenser.

My gramma would say "It makes people lazy not having to use their hand for this very menial task." 👻

Here is a Question for you: Would you agree that washing hands with an automatic soap dispenser can leave you feeling less pleased? Please leave your answers in comments.

Types of Automatic Dispenser:

Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser:


A liquid soap dispenser is a device used to dispense liquid soap. Automatic liquid soap dispensers have sensors that detect when your hand is under the spout and will dispense the soap automatically.

Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser:


Foaming Soap dispenser is a type of automatic soap dispenser which dispenses foam instead of liquid soap. It uses electricity or batteries for power, and can be wall-mounted or handheld.

How Does a Foaming Automatic Dispenser work?

This is done by mixing air into the soap before dispensing it onto the user's hands, which helps reduce the amount of soap used. It uses the liquid soap and a small battery-operated air pump to mix air into the soap before it is dispensed. Most works by having your hand under their sensor, and they automatically mixes air with the soap in the container and squirts it out as foam onto your hand.

What are the Advantages of a Foaming Automatic Dispenser?

The automatic foaming soap dispensers have many advantages over manual dispensers. One is that they help reduce the amount of soap used, as less soap is needed to create foam. They are also easier and faster to use, as users do not need to fumble with bottles of soap. They're also more hygienic, as users do not have to touch any part of the dispenser. More importantly, they cause less damage to the environment by reducing soap usage, which means less plastic waste is produced during production.

What are Disadvantages?

The main disadvantage is that they are generally quite expensive. This is because they use more soap and require a small air pump, which drives up the cost. They are also not as common as manual dispensers, so some users may find it difficult to locate and purchase them. Additionally, they tend to be larger in size than manual dispensers.

Automatic Spray Soap Dispenser: 

This one is normally used for alcohol or disinfectant dispenser. It also has a infrared motion sensor that detects the hand and sprays the pre-set amount of the liquid on the hands.

Best 11 Automatic Soap Dispensers:

1. SimplePlus - Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser [Best Seller]

The #1 product in our automatic soap dispensers is the Simple Plus touchless foam soap dispenser for its superior features, stylish design, and affordability. Its IPX5 waterproof and durable body is perfect for any bathroom and its 3-months long battery time means you don't have to charge it often. Simple Plus Automatic Soap Dispenser dispenses foam in quarter of a second and the amount of foam it dispenses is adjustable to three levels. This soap dispenser is expected to last about 50,000 dispenses which means it will last for years.

Its 300ml capacity makes it just perfect for an average family. Refilling and cleaning of the liquid containing part is easy and you can use other liquids such as dish soap dispensers (diluted with water) and liquid soaps with this automatic soap dispenser. It has a low consumption, quieter and high efficiency motor in the upper part. Sound and shock absorbing materials are used to make it more durable. Material of the dispenser is ABS plastic which has high durability, better chemical resistance and does not corrode easily.

You can use this automatic soap dispenser in your kitchen, garage, pool area, bathroom or any other place where you want to have a touch free cleaning experience. This approximately 22cm tall unit 7-9cm wide and 290g unit has made it to the top of our list of best automatic soap dispensers.

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